What is the largest parcel it can accept?

Parcel Size

What are the dimensions?


What if my carrier does not use my elephantrunk™?

If after you have installed the Location Placard next to your doorbell and they still don’t use it, talk to the delivery driver and make him aware of it.

Do I have to anchor my elephantrunk™?

It is best to follow the instructions and anchor to the ground for added security.

What is the largest parcel the elephantrunk™ can accept?

11.5” x 9.3” x 7.3”

Can the elephantrunk™ receive more than one (1) parcel?

Yes, it can receive multiple parcels.

What are the elephantrunk™ overall dimensions?

They are 37.2” high x 17.8” wide x 16” deep

What colors does the elephantrunk™ come in?

At present it is available in Black, White, Red and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Can I install my elephantrunk™ behind a gate in my backyard?

It is best to install near the location to which your parcels are typically delivered. If in doubt of your proposed location, speak to your delivery driver directly for his/her recommendation. Most delivery companies are not allowed to enter a backyard. The delivery driver must be able to freely access your elephantrunk™.

Do I have to anchor my elephantrunk™?

We highly recommend that you anchor the elephantrunk™ as described in the instructions. You can anchor your elephantrunk™ to a hardscaped or wooden surface. It will require drilling a hole into the surface, so make sure you pick the right location.

What tools are required to install the elephantrunk™? 

In addition to the hardware that comes with your elephantrunk™ you will need the following; a drill suitable for drilling into masonry or wood, a Phillips head screwdriver, a hex or adjustable wrench, and either a 5/8” masonry bit (if installing in hardscape) or a ¼” wood drill bit (if installing on a wood deck/porch).

Can I use the elephantrunk™ for receiving mail as well as my parcels?

The elephantrunk™ parcel drop is NOT intended to replace a mailbox. Its primary purpose is to receive parcel deliveries. However, it is at the discretion of your USPS carrier to decide whether they will deliver mail to it.

I will be out of town and do not want any deliveries while I am gone. How do I communicate this to the delivery company drivers?

The elephantrunk™ is equipped with a bright yellow “No Deliveries” indicator to suspend deliveries. This is neatly tucked under the eave of the elephantrunk™ roof above the incoming door. Simply swing it down in front of the door so the carrier can see it.

Does the elephantrunk™ come with a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a Limited End-User Warranty. This warranty is printed on the carton. You may view this at www.architecturalmailboxes.com under the Downloads/FAQs section. For a copy of this please email a request to et-help@architecturalmailboxes.com or Contact our Customer Experience Department at 800-464-7491 and they will assist you.